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Tiger global – Julian Robertson : book review (Part 1)

INTRODUCTION Here the author has given a brief introduction about the history of hedge fund industry and spoke a bit about the three fathers of modern hedge fund George Soros, Michael Steinhardt, and Julian Robertson who have printed their names in the walls of the hedge fund industry. In them Julian Robertson has been a different card as his fund (tiger management) is the only one who has given various bright managers to this world that have kept the hedge fund energy and his name alive. CHAPTER-1 Making Money in Metals This chapter begins with the journey of Julian who … Continue reading Tiger global – Julian Robertson : book review (Part 1)

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Elon Musk “WAS” an Alien ……First Principles Approach

We approached Elon musk through Twitter and asked him a simple question, “Has he met an alien.” With an amazing wit he replied to us, ” he ‘WAS’ an alien” to which one of the Twitterati asked him that where was he from? and his reply was ” FUTURE ” Well everyone knows Elon Musk puts first principles thinking before taking any decision. We the team of tycoon mindset got curious with Two of his Words. “WAS” and “future” and thought to come out with some theories But first what is First Principles It is the fundamental truth that is derived … Continue reading Elon Musk “WAS” an Alien ……First Principles Approach

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the art of Freethinking

Why successful tycoons, who have seen the test of times, are correct? ….they might shift the burden to the fact that they are lucky, it might be one of the reason, but the main reason is that they have developed Freethinking approach, practiced over the period of time this approach gets refined. A freethinking approach is an approach based on logic. It is questioning the beliefs of the environment on the basis of reason and following an unbiased approach to the problem. It generally results into Contrarian approach of thinking. There are generally two things that affect a decision making … Continue reading the art of Freethinking

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The tax rate should be higher for rich people? Or your girlfriend asking you, after wearing her Zara one piece, “ This is looking really pretty right??”. In the above situations, you would be reacting positively or basically, you would be saying “YES” ( especially in the latter one) Acquiescence bias aka friendliness bias. What it means is that the listener will agree to whatever the speaker says. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of these situations. Haven’t you been curious about why bosses enjoy authority over their subordinates, it’s not only because they are higher in the chain of … Continue reading    SANE OR INSANE PART-2

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Sane or Insane, You decide? – Part 1

We humans have been the most rational beings on earth. The only species with superior mental development. The ones who have the divine power of thinking in a far more logical and technical way than any other species on earth. Or do we? The truth is humans are one of most irrational beings who think they are rational in decision making. We daily make decisions in a blink of a second even without thinking about what is influencing our decision-making ability. Are we clear in our mind before we are making that decision? Most of you might be thinking that … Continue reading Sane or Insane, You decide? – Part 1

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How to dry-clean your Money

International monetary estimates that over 5% of world’s G.D.P worth of money is laundered every year which is approximately 1.5 trillion US $ (those are too many zeros to count). Be it a Drug money, arms and ammunition trade or human trafficking, the proceeds collected from such kind of trade are mostly in Cash. And when it comes to drug money they consist of small denominated notes. These proceeds are known as dirty money. The act of cleansing this dirty money into clean money is known as money laundering. There are numerous ways by which money can be laundered (which … Continue reading How to dry-clean your Money

The Advent of Netflix

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THE ADVENT OF We all are very familiar with the word Netflix but we do not know what Netflix was as a company, what challenges did it face and how did it overcome those challenges. So, let us see how Netflix was in its initial years, how it grew and how it became a giant in the OTT (Over the Top) content market. When we talk about Netflix, the two names that instinctively come to our minds are Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Pure Software:Hastings founded a company named Pure Atria in the year… Continue reading The Advent of Netflix