Price v/s Value

Value - the perception of a person towards an experience or a product Price - the willingness to pay in order to receive that experience or product Eg. a thirsty person can give half of his net worth in order to quench his thirst compared to the person who has recently drunk 10 liters of water.... Continue Reading →

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A person doing you a favor, or helping you when you are in need, our emotional part of the brain gets activated. We feel happy not because the task was done, but because there was someone standing by your side lending you a helping hand. Nature has developed humans in such a beautiful way, that... Continue Reading →

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Habit: – An Ignored Human Power

A habit is a set of behavior or actions that are repeated in search of rewards which captures our subconscious mind and places itself by destroying our brain and start working when our brain stops. So it can be such a strong power that even brain faces difficult to stop it. We humans always revolve... Continue Reading →

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the art of Freethinking

Why successful tycoons, who have seen the test of times, are correct? ....they might shift the burden to the fact that they are lucky, it might be one of the reason, but the main reason is that they have developed Freethinking approach, practiced over the period of time this approach gets refined. A freethinking approach... Continue Reading →

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The tax rate should be higher for rich people? Or your girlfriend asking you, after wearing her Zara one piece, “ This is looking really pretty right??”. In the above situations, you would be reacting positively or basically, you would be saying “YES” ( especially in the latter one) Acquiescence bias aka friendliness bias. What... Continue Reading →

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Sane or Insane, You decide? – Part 1

We humans have been the most rational beings on earth. The only species with superior mental development. The ones who have the divine power of thinking in a far more logical and technical way than any other species on earth. Or do we? The truth is humans are one of most irrational beings who think... Continue Reading →

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How to dry-clean your Money

International monetary estimates that over 5% of world's G.D.P worth of money is laundered every year which is approximately 1.5 trillion US $ (those are too many zeros to count). Be it a Drug money, arms and ammunition trade or human trafficking, the proceeds collected from such kind of trade are mostly in Cash. And... Continue Reading →

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Survival of the fittest

One of the common reasons that a person gives when he fails is, " If I had this kinda resources or these set of circumstances then, I was for sure to achieve that thing." But as it is pretty common to understand that life is definitely not what we expect. In a situation of difficulty,... Continue Reading →

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Agrochemical Industry


According to a UN report, India, the second most populated country will witness population growth rate of 1.25% during the current decade and will surpass China to become the most populated country by 2025. Indian agriculture has come a long way since the Green Revolution of the late 1960s. India presents an interesting scenario: both GDP and food grain production in the country have risen faster than the growth in population over the 50 years since Independence from 1947 – 1997. However, agricultural growth had stagnated in recent years with the food grain production having grown at an average annual rate of only 1% during the 10 year period 1997-98 to 2006-07.


The recovery of the Indian agriculture was seen in 2011 post the introduction of Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) in April 2010.  The food grain production in India in the FY2014 is estimated to be 263 million metric tonnes…

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Understanding The Universe of The Unknown and The Unknowable

Indian Association of Investment Professionals

Understanding The Universe of the Unknown and the Unknowable (uU)

March 4th, 2012

The Delhi chapter of IAIP organized this Speaker Event in New Delhi on 4th March 2012 where Mr. Sanjay Bakshi, a deep value investor and CEO – Tactica Capital Management, delivered a very insightful, engaging and thought provoking presentation. The event was very well attended and appreciated by the members as well as non-members of the society. This event qualified for 1.5 CE credit hours.


Investment professionals have to deal with a lot of uncertainty (a wide range of possible outcomes – the unknown and the unknowable, the uU) while making investment decisions.  Many people try to model uncertainty by using quantitative models and techniques such as statistical distributions, multiple linear regressions, scenario Analysis and make forecasts with various degrees of confidence. But, such people continue to be surprised more often than they expect to be…

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Plastiblends – Cheap is not enough

ContrarianValue Edge

Masterbatch/Pigments industry:

Recently did some  analysis of Masterbatch/Pigment industry, which provides colour to plastics. Master batches are used not only to provide colour to plastic but also provide additional properties such as strength and making the surface smoother. The plastic packaging industry is the major user of masterbatches, accounting for 50-60% of total production, followed by plastic products [Source company annual reports]. We can see use of plastic everywhere and its quite likely that going forward use of plastic will increase manifold providing huge opportunity to the company. So growth perse is not the problem. There are three main listed players in this segment. 1) Plastiblends 2) Poddar Pigments 3) Sudarshan Chemical Industries. I did not like last two for various reasons [Historically low ROE/ROCE, low capacity additions, management issues, no consistent dividend payout, marginal players in a highly unorganised market etc.]. Number wise Plastiblends appear to be better placed…

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Shemaroo Entertainment

Seeking Wisdom

What’s a better learning strategy: covering a subject in full detail from top-to-bottom or progressively sharpening a quick overview? The better way to learn is to use the idea of progressive rendering. Get a rough outline as quickly as possible. Then gradually improve your understanding of the subject over time. This document is a rough outline of my understanding of Shemaroo Entertainment. Overtime I will improve my understanding of the media industry and Shemaroo in detail. Click here to read the rest.

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Delisting framework Part I – Failure has Patterns

ContrarianValue Edge

Note: This is going to be a four part series. In part I, we will try to analyse past delisting failures and some common pattern. In part II, we will try to study past successful delisting and to identify patterns, if any.   In part III, we will try to develop checklist based on past delisting failures and in part IV, will try to analyse some current delisting opportunities based on checklist developed in part III.

Acknowledgement: In doing this series, I was immensely benefited by various blog posts by Ashish Kila , Neeraj Marathe, Ninad Kunder and Prof. Sanjay Bakshi. This does not mean that they will support this framework or will agree with some investment opportunities which I may identify. Needless, to mention that all errors or misinterpretation are solely mine.

I presume that readers are aware of the legal framework for delisting of companies in India…

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